Point Of Hope - Issue26 - February 2016 February 2016 - Page 3

04 MELISSA'S HEART I have been on a sabbatical? a season God designed to draw me closer to Him. 10 MY WHOLE WORLD It begins and ends with God. All my needs; hopes and desires.. I come to the Lord. 14 THINKING LIKE JESUS In His inner m ost dialogue, do you think Jesus ever questions His purpose? 20 A YEAR OF CALLING - II Our First Love : First and foremost, we are called to love God. It is our First Love. 26 RESISTING CHANGE C O N T E N T S Jesus wanted the people of Israel to have a responsive heart towards Him. Point of Hope is a publication dedicated to encouraging and equipping people of all ages with the Word of God. Our Goal is to provide readers with life applicable articles that will edify and strengthen their personal walks. 3 His Word, Your Hope EnduringHopeMinistries.com