Point Of Hope - Issue26 - February 2016 February 2016 - Page 22

TO FIRST LOVE GOD God does NOT change H is mind with reference to H is call. 22 February 2016 Point of Hope Magazine When we FIRST love God, we spend time with Him and let His Presence saturate our innermost being ? this is LOVE, for GOD IS LOVE. As we start our New Year, I recommend spending time with God. Sitting in His Presence, thanking Him for all He has done for us! Thank Him for Who He is! Then? sit without speaking ? just listen? let His Word speak to you. He will speak to us in that still (sweet), small voice bringing Truth from His Word. When we discipline ourselves to do this, we become an extension of His love to others! We literally begin to see the ?potential?in others, not their ?faults.?We see them as ?loved by God.? Perhaps this is what Jesus meant in John 13:34 (NIV): ?? Love one another. As I have loved you...? He calls it a ?new? command. He knows the Old Testament Ten Commandments cannot be obeyed until we love God FIRST and are empowered by His Spirit to carry out those commands! Rules and regulations cannot set anyone free! LOVE can! God?s unconditional, pure LOVE has the power to break down the barriers of prejudice and hate. We are exhorted to keep ourselves ?? in God?s love? ? (Jude 21, NIV) This is our ?call to persevere!? To remain in love takes great perseverance! The power of God?s love can hold us, keeping us in Him, when we love Him first. We cannot achieve this any other way. OUR TEST Here?s our test: How are we showing God?s love to others? Are we allowing judgments to stop God?s pure love from flowing through us? To help answer these questions, we must ask: ?To what (or Whom) am I called?? We are called to God ? to love God FIRST above all else. YES! We are to love Him more than our spouses and even our children. We are called to love God above any position we yearn after? to love God above any