Pocklington School Prospectus Pocklington School Prospectus - Page 6

Prep Children grow in confidence, form real friendships and evolve into independent learners in the supportive atmosphere of Pocklington Prep School. Small classes, lessons designed to fire enthusiasm, and teachers who recognise and praise effort, all ensure children make the best possible progress. Staff take an individual approach, nurturing each child’s curiosity and talent to support them through every discovery. Pupils are reassured that getting things wrong is an essential part of learning, and that pushing beyond their comfort zone is rewarded with a sense of achievement. A strong foundation in reading, writing and maths is complemented by a broad range of subjects, and pupils are encouraged to join our numerous co-curricular clubs and activities. Teamwork and collaboration are promoted through competitive sport, as well as inter-house competitions in music, drama, creative writing and art. Our renowned pastoral care is based on a solid framework which puts your child’s wellbeing first. We encourage regular two-way communication with home and deal with any concerns promptly, sensitively and appropriately. All pupils are expected to be well-mannered and considerate towards others – this culture of kindness anchors our caring community, which produces well-rounded, motivated learners. “Children are free to develop skills at their own pace, without the pressure of external assessment.” 6