Pocklington School Prospectus Pocklington School Prospectus - Page 4

Pre-Prep Children’s wellbeing and self-esteem are our central focus at Pre-Prep, and activities inside and outside the classroom foster friendship and collaboration. Youngsters flourish in the safe, relaxed setting and begin to stretch themselves at their own pace. Every child is nurtured by highly skilled and dedicated teachers who celebrate each child’s uniqueness and work closely with them to support their learning and stimulate independent thought. Small classes, personalised encouragement and a positive, caring atmosphere ensure they make their best possible progress, quickly grow in confidence and feel valued. Children follow a broad curriculum, with a particular focus on phonics and maths. They begin to learn modern foreign languages, enjoy specialist music and art teaching and develop skills in sport. A weekly outdoor education session increases attention span, elevates mood and cultivates a love of nature. The curriculum is brought to life through exciting role-play areas and topic-based tasks which provide an opportunity for purposeful play and enrichment activities. This ensures knowledge is gained first hand, which embeds new skills, stretches children’s capabilities, captures their interest and provokes curiosity. “Sowing the seeds of possibility.” 4 PRE-SCHOOL The family atmosphere in our Pre-School classroom and close contact with home are essential at this early stage. Children acquire knowledge in different ways and we guide their development with a smile, giving consistent support as independent skills emerge. Learning is predominantly play-based, so children develop abilities like turn-taking, sharing and collaborative play. Our personalised approach, with daily one-to-one activities unique to each child, enable children to master early skills in reading and writing when they are ready. We share parents’ delight as children grow and thrive in our happy, caring environment, which ensures they are well-prepared for school.