Poaching Quarterly Lyndsey Miles Issue - Page 8

The Last Horn

15 year old Miranda was trying to sleep. She was on an African Safari, and was getting the VIP treatment as part of her Save the Elephants 2089 campaign. It included full meals and board, plus rare animal sightings. She hoped to see a rhino, but it was to loud to sleep. She groaned as another hyena cackled through the night. Now she'd never get to go on the special trip to see a rhino. She finally dozed off, and when she woke up, a Jeep was outside her tent. It honked she raced outside, pulling a jacket on as she went. As they rode, she rambled about how excited she was for the trip. She wanted to see everything and she wanted to stay here forever. She was blessed that her parents had allowed her to come on this expedition, and that her grandparents were zookeepers and she visited the zoos every day so that she was used to animals. She had gone to day camps and been to surgeries. She brushed her long hair into a ponytail and tied it up.

Miranda Mai thought she was a normal girl. She was fairly average, she had long brown hair, and brown eyes. She got As and Bs on her report card, and she lived in a condo in the city, but Miranda Abigail Mai wasn't normal. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the large city, was her oaisis. The zoo and safari park. Her grandparents held a portion of the zoo's stock, and they had enourmous leverage. Therefore, Miranda could do a lot of things. She had sleepovers with the monkeys and attended kangaroo surgeries. She also was a great writer. She wrote about animals, and the zoo. Then, Miranda entered a national contest and won.