Poaching Quarterly Lyndsey Miles Issue - Page 13


Raise Awareness

A simple way to help in a big way is simply to raise awareness. This can be as easy as telling your friend about poaching. Although it is similar to educate, it can still be harder to do Instead of telling about the problem, tell there is a problem, which can be harder to do. Just tell someone what the problem is, and they can help too.



Another simple solution is talk. Like educate and raise awareness, it involves talking to someone and introducing them to the problem and to any solutions. It can also be fun to talk. You can give a presentation to your class, or talk with your child. Talking is a big part of what charities do as well, talking about donating and planning events like wear an anti-poaching shirt would be good ways to talk.



lSupporting a charity is always a great option. This could be wearing a shirt or buying a bracelet. Some charities even offer adopt-an-animal programs where you can symbolically adopt an animal and get rewards for doing so. . A way to support, as mentioned above, is organize a t-shirt day, or something more fun, an adopt-an-animal fundraiser, which raises money and awareness.



The obvious one. Donate. Although it may seem cliche, donate is the one step where you can be sure every penny you give goes to the company to use for anti-poaching efforts. A tip though, would be to avoid charities that have bad reviews, so that you aren't giving your money to someone for advertising.


Go on Trips

This one is expenisve, and hard, but it works wonders. Go on a trip. Out on the ocean, or to Africa. You can learn about these amazing animals, and have fun doing it .