Poaching Quarterly Lyndsey Miles Issue - Page 12

lend a hand helping hand

Y ou can lend a helping hand today. No matter your gender, age, or income level, you can help save wild animals for good.

Every thing you do and every page you turn in this magazine will lead up to the moment when you grab our checkbook or your walllet and make a donation, or when you grab your credit card and buy a water bottle instead of a disposable case. From doing the obvious to doing the unthinkable, to doing the bare minimum, to the best you can. There is a way for everyone to help save these animals.

Try to remeber that you matter to these animals. Whenever you are feeling down, think of these majestic creatures standing or swimming against the sunset. Whenever you are feeling especially lucky, think of those poor animals like Ishanga or Nani's calf. Those innocent victims of man's cruelty. Open up your pocketbook and grab a ten, a twenty, or ten hundreds. Any amount wil do. Ask your kids for their help, or use the family change jar for good. Even if you have fallen on hard times, and haven't a penny to spare, make a sign. Anything you do will help. I just beg of you, always remember this quote by Aesop. "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."



The first way to help, is also the simplest. All you have to do to educate is talk to someone. Anyone really. Maybe your neighbor, or maybe your class. You can educate your mom, or educate your neice. You can educate your long-lost cousin, or your best friend. Just sit them down and talk. Say, "Hey John. Want to talk about poaching?" or "Yo Sally! I heard you like animals. Let's talk about poaching." even, "Hi mom. I read an intresting article today. Did you know..." . It is so easy, just try to educate.