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Tutorials Point, Simply Easy Learning Browser Support The latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera all support for HTML5 Canvas but IE8 does not support canvas natively. You can use ExplorerCanvas to have canvas support through Internet Explorer. You just need to include this javascript as follows: HTML5 Canvas Examples: This tutorial covers following examples related to HTML5 element. Examples Description Drawing Rectangles Learn how to draw rectangle using HTML5 element Drawing Paths Learn how to make shapes using paths in HTML5 element Drawing Lines Learn how to draw lines using HTML5 element Drawing Bezier Learn how to draw bezier curve using HTML5 element Drawing Quadratic Learn how to draw quadratic curve using HTML5 element Using Images Learn how to use images with HTML5 element Create Gradients Learn how to create gradients using HTML5 element Styles and Colors Learn how to apply styles and colors using HTML5 element Text and Fonts Learn how to draw amazing text using different fonts and their size. Pattern and Shadow Learn how to draw different patterns and drop shadows. Canvas States Learn how to save and restore canvas states while doing complex drawings on a canvas. Canvas Translation This method is used to move the canvas and its origin to a different point in the grid. Canvas Rotation This method is used to rotate the canvas around the current origin. Canvas Scaling This method is used to increase or decrease the units in a canvas grid. Canvas Transform These methods allow modifications directly to the transformation matrix. 21 | P a g e