PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE October 2015, Love Your Body Issue - Page 138

Finish this sentence... The plus industry is: … Changing the way beauty is defined. – For the past 9 years I have mentored young girls and I have witnessed how the media has had a hand in sending misleading, negative body messages to the impressionable minds of our youth. I love when a mentee tells me she feels good about herself because she has seen someone in the media being celebrated for their size and they are not an unhealthy size 0. Some people are naturally skinny and healthy and that is fine. The problem arises when images in the media are overly Photoshopped and then sold to our youth as the definition of beauty. Who are your favorite plus designers, models, bloggers and celebrities? Where do I even begin? With the plus size industry exploding, my list of favorite plus designers, models, bloggers and celebrities keeps growing every day. My top picks as of today would be... Designers: With plus size being the new thing it seems as if most designers are expanding their lines to attract the curvy market. I am a ‘jeans kind of girl’ and there is nothing like a great pair of jeans that embrace my curves. Leading my list are Levis, CJ by Cookie Johnson and Mellissa McCarthy Jeans by Seven. Models: Denise Bidot / Philomena Kwao – These ladies have a unique look that demands power and I love it! Bloggers: Farrah Estrella from Estrella Fashion Report - She is always up-to-date on what’s going on in the fashion world internationally and locally. Plus I love the down-to-earth feedback she gives her readers.