PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE October 2015, Love Your Body Issue - Page 131

@cherry_jasmine on Instagram Why is it so much harder for girls my size to model? I’m a size 9 or 10, depending, and about 5’8” and I can’t model sometimes because I’m either too small for plus size or too big for runway. Is there any hope for girls my size? The mainstream fashion industry standards for models vary from size 00 to size 2/4. There are some models above a size 4 that work as commercial models. For high fashion and runway the smaller models seem to get the gigs. In the plus size modeling industry, ideally the models should be PLUS SIZE in order to market to the plus size customer. There are many models size 8/10 working as plus size models simply because the main stream fashion industry will not offer these models a place and some brands have decided to offer them a place. My advice is that you research the commercial modeling field, as it’s a very lucrative one that does not have as many restrictions on size. @b3auty_withatwist on Instagram How do I promote myself as a plus size model? Social media is your best friend when it comes to promoting yourself as a model. You do not have to be a fashion blogger to tag companies when you post a picture of what you are wearing. Tag them on Instagram and Twitter; big companies have a social media person watching everything that is happening. Follow blogs that post plus size news and enter modeling searches. One of the most popular models today (Philomena Kwao) was a model search winner and now she is a campaign model! I would also attend plus size fashion events and! Good luck!