PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE October 2015, Love Your Body Issue - Page 130

@miss_graciemae on Instagram What advice do you have for models that are just starting out? Before you spend ONE-penny research the industry and read everything you can about requirements and types of modeling so that you will have a full understanding of the industry. Once you know the avenue you want to take, make sure that you allow yourself time to develop as a model. Your aim from the beginning should be about building your skills as a model in front of the camera. There are many beautiful, aspiring models not being booked because they cannot pose. @mixedsosweetly on Instagram Why is it that in 2015, with all these options, some ladies are still filled with insecurities and ignorance about their size. 10.15 #plusmodelmag inspiration + style Great question... not a Modeling 101 question, but I wanted to chime in and give you my thoughts. It was not until about 20 years ago that plus size fashion really began to make a concentrated effort to offer fashion to plus size women. Those efforts have brought us to where we are with more options around the globe than ever, but it seems that we are all still waiting for this validation to come from “main stream” instead of validating ourselves as MAIN STREAM. We are the majority but our mentality acts as the minority because of years of conditioning by media, the fashion industry and diet industry. Whether we know it or not we are constantly being told that thinner is better; while todays plus size woman has more options than ever, her mind has not caught up to full self-love and acceptance. PLUS Model Magazine strives to support women and inspire them to love themselves unconditionally.