PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE May 2016 Issue - Page 117

I have no problem with the label. I’m proud of myself, my industry and all the beautiful plus size women I know and work with it. It’s not insulting in any way to be associated with them. I am proud to be considered a plus size model. What is your advice to women struggling with an eating disorder or self acceptance? Every person’s struggle is different and personal, so it’s hard to give any sweeping advice. But people need to know it can be done. They key was really believing I was enough. Once I started to get to a place of self-acceptance, giving myself the care I needed got easier to do. Of course I have insecurities from time to time. But I really work on walking the beliefs I carry; I love my body healthier choices but also eating the things you want from time to time! And if I do struggle, I remind myself of how I would want my daughter to be treated… it gets really easy then! #plusmodelmag that are more meaningful to me now; I don’t believe in diets. I believe in making 5.16 obsesses about being a certain size or looking a certain way. I focus on things inspiration + style for what it is and how it is shaped. I don’t have the time or the energy to waste to