PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE May 2016 Issue - Page 113

I was reminded again and again that who I was was not acceptable. It cultivated some real body image issues and, ultimately, resulted in my struggling with eating disorders in order to maintain and conform to the standard. Coming back to the modeling industry as a plus size model must have been a big decision for you. Can you tell us about that? I eventually got married and had children. The birth of my daughter, Rayna, forced me to really confront how I felt about my body. Leading up to that, there wasn’t a single “ah ha moment” in deciding I desired to be a more healthy and balanc ed woman; it was a gradual realization that the way I had been living was detrimental stopped the crazy fad diets and moved past constantly caring about fitting into the idea of what I needed to be. I developed a comfort with where my body was and the skin that I was in. I have always loved the artistic side of the modeling industry and really missed that part of being a model; I was excited to return to modeling as a stronger and healthier woman. The community has been wonderful and supportive. I don’t feel pressure to change how I look in any way. I am free to enjoy being creative and artistic while I am also happy with who I am. #plusmodelmag found a healthier state. It was then that I decided to return to modeling. I had 5.16 It wasn’t till after I had kids that I really became comfortable with my body and inspiration + style to me.