PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE May 2016 Issue - Page 110

For Danielle Braverman excessive exercising and limiting her food intake was once part of her life. Today she’s a healthy size mom, plus-size model and advocate. I hope you are just as inspired with her story as I am. How did you get started as a model? I started modeling while in college living in LA at 19. I had been interning at a music label in Beverly Hills and the CEO thought that I would make a great model: he directed me to one of his friends modeling agency’s and I was immediately signed with them. I was very lucky! I actually started off as a straight size model. I didn’t transition into plus size modeling until years later. 5.16 #plusmodelmag inspiration + style As a straight size model, what challenges did you face? The biggest challenges I faced as a straight size model had to do with my being required to conform to a body and an identity that, ultimately, wasn’t attainable or healthy for me. Emotionally or physically. I was under constant pressure to be thinner than I was; the scrutiny was palpable. It really made me question who I was and continually effected how I felt about who I was and my value. Frankly I was pretty miserable most of the time… and hungry! How long did you work as a straight size model before realizing it was taking a toll on your health? Immediately. Right from the beginning I would go to castings and be told I was too curvy or that I needed to be smaller. I was being measured non stop. Sometimes I’d book a job but then be told I needed to drop a significant amount of weight before;