PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2016 Issue - Page 78

Yes, I’ve been a photographer for seven years! I started taking self-portraits to learn about studio photography. I felt fairly comfortable when I went to the Carmakoma studio as a first time model because I was already familiar with how I photographed in that kind of setting. And knowing the technical side of photography was a great tool as well! Based on the setup at shoots, I knew how certain things like lighting, for instance, would translate on camera, so I’d adjust my angles accordingly. What tips do you have for aspiring models? Surround yourself with positive and genuine people because they’ll be the ones to encourage you to keep going at the end of those tough days when you’re ready to give up. No one likes an ego, so you’ll get a lot more out of this industry if you leave yours at the door. Treat everyone, and I mean everyone, with kindness and respect. Who knows how they could help you out in the future! Try not to take criticism the wrong way. Use it constructively! Believe me, they’ll notice and appreciate the effort. For bookings: Elisabeth Moore Agencies: US - Dorothy Combs, GR - Curve, Social Media handles: Facebook: Elisabeth Moore - Plus Model Instagram: @elisabeth.moore