PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2016 Issue - Page 60

One day, I looked at my closet and decided to give myself a fashion makeover and try a new hairstyle. At a size 16-18, I could not find any modern pants that would fit well. I started following plus size clothing brands in Spain on social media but the clothing they sold were not my aesthetic. I researched for days on social media and gained inspiration and knowledge about fashion from other blogs and websites. This is what inspired me to start a blog. I felt that there were many women who looked like me and could resonate with my fashion journey to find perfect fitting plus size clothing. Are there any trends that you love right now, and what advice do you have for women looking to experiment with trends? I’m totally in love with the boho trend. To me, curvy women look amazing in prints. I also love long dresses and big sunglasses. All women should embrace fashion and trends that make us feel wonderful. We must be true to ourselves and look for fashion that authentically represents us. I had the great pleasure of meeting fashion icon Iris Apfel recently and the lesson I took from her was to simply be myself. Do you have any advice for someone looking to start a fashion blog? Yamila: Create a blog that shows what you really love to do or wear. A blog can be a powerful avenue to reach many people looking for style inspiration, ways to enhance their style and gain overall knowledge about fashion.