PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2016 Issue - Page 34

marianne’s beauty tips with associate beauty editor Hair Care 101: marianne meissner Do’s and Don’ts of Healthier Hair I’d like to let you in on a few of my hair care secrets and must have 3.16 #plusmodelmag inspiration + style products for healthier looking & feeling hair that will cut down your daily hair care routine without sacrificing your fierceness! 1. Let your hair air dry for an hour before you blow dry to cut down on heat exposure. Heat is the #1 enemy to hair! 2. Deep condition once a week. 3. Use oil or a leave in conditioner throughout your hair, concentrating on the ends. 4. Don’t over wash! Hair’s natural oil is important! If needed, use a dry shampoo to give life back to day old hair. 5. Don’t use your styling tools on the highest setting… it will burn your hair! 6. If you have longer hair, try rolling your dry hair into a bun at the nape of your neck. I do this at the end of a workday and my hair has beautiful and heat free curls! XOXO Marianne