PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2016 Issue - Page 24

PMM [readers] We Love to Hear from You! Tell us what you think of your magazine, what you love, what you like and what you want to see in future issues. 3.16 #plusmodelmag inspiration + style xoxo - maddy Heather Hall So sexy! Love this! Denys Delafuente Beautiful finally a big Aida Irigoyen WoWw!!!!!! beautiful woman on front page. Marina Ann Rathwell She’s absolutely Michelle Alexander Day Makes me smile. .I gorgeous!!!! Wonderful role model for all have been big all my adult life, and people didn’t women!! treat me as well - so I love this. Jackie Williamson My body on a cover of a Jessica Ileana Gonzalez Toda una diva que magazine!!! What a wonderful feeling!! vivan las chicas plus!! Somos bellas Verö Guerrero Finally. .. my body on a front Amber Flemmings Taylor Now that’s what I’m cover. Society drilled the image of a slim slender talking about... A real “plus size” or curvy chick! woman & anything else was unacceptable - well No shade on Ashley Graham, but Alex LaRosa is here’s to changing society! it for me! Stephanie Cooper Walters Something that Deloris Lee Us Plus Size Women rock! most of us can actually relate to as plus size women... Gorgeous I have now learned to love my body - battle scars and all.. #lovingmybody #curves Share what’s on your mind || ||