PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2016 Issue - Page 105

Who do you look to for curvy inspiration? I often look to my fellow models and peers for inspiration. I have been able to meet some amazingly talented women in the past year that I look up to and am constantly looking to them for inspiration in fashion, modeling and business. I look to fellow model Beccy Quinn for inspiration when it comes to modeling and embracing my curves, and showcasing them with class. I look to model Priscilla Katerena and blogger and stylist Tai’Tiana Styles for inspiration in fashion. Both of these women have amazing fashion sense and I always find myself looking at their Instagram for clothing and photo shoot ideas. What is the plus industry like in your hometown? It is definitely on the fast track and gaining more and more notoriety with each day. I do find that LA still tends to lean towards the smaller size of plus size, but as a size 16/18 model I am beginning to see more and more photographers and designers getting inspired by curves, which in turn inspires me to hone in on my craft and give them my absolute best. Finish this sentence... The plus industry is: Helping to change the way the next generation of young girls view their body and opening the channels of communication for women of all ages to discuss body image.