PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2016 Issue - Page 103

T L CAMBRIA interview by tiffany bank FB: IG: @mstiffanybank TW: @TiffanyBank What made you decide to become a plus size model? At age 15 my life changed when I found out that I had Lupus. Due to the physical limitations from pain, the many side effects from medications, and having depression, I began to gain weight. I was never a small girl (5’8” by the age of 10 and 150lbs in high school) and I had always battled with self esteem because I was naturally bigger than everyone and my family wasn’t the most sensitive with their words. But it wasn’t until I was put on a medication for fibromyalgia at age 21 that caused me to gain 45lbs in two months that I truly began to hate my body. Over the course of a year, due to depression and a bad relationship I went from Cambria Francesca Resides In: Los Angeles a slim 175lbs to 230lbs. And after a near death experience due Height/Size:5’8” / 16-18 to complications with my disease, I realized THIS IS THE ONLY Click to View Online Portfolio BODY I GET! If I don’t respect, love, cherish and celebrate it, how “Be careful, Anais, abnormal pleasures kill the taste for can I expect anyone else to? So I decided to celebrate my body by normal ones”. capturing it’s many changes. Modeling has allowed me to fall back - Anais Nin’s Henry & June in love with myself over and over again.