PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2015 Issue - Page 83

You have the most amazing skin, can you share your beauty regimen with us? WATER, WATER, WATER. I experience blemishes just like everybody else. When my skin starts going crazy I drink water and try to get some rest. I wash my face daily with African black soap before I go to bed. In the mornings I use Sea Breeze Astringent and a light moisturizer. I also use Shea Butter for my allover moisturizer. I usually make a mixture out of the shea butter that includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, and some essential oils and whip them together. there for you at a click of a mouse. For example, this publication, PLUS Model Magazine, does a Modeling 101 article every month. I’m almost positive every question that I thought of as an aspiring model and as a working model has been answered in those articles. Do your research and apply everything that you can to make your dreams come true... and have fun. Monique is represented by #plusmodelmag My advice to aspiring models would be to use the resources that are out 03.15 modeling career? inspiration + style What is your advice to aspiring models pursuing a plus size