PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2015 Issue - Page 80

so I took the phone. The woman on the oth Linda Scott and gave me her contact inform auditioned for one of her fashion shows, an There are many aspiring models, wh as you went from aspiring model to w This journey from aspiring to a working mo process. I went to see one company three t me. There would be months where I wasn’t go and see some companies and leave thin my agent wouldn’t hear anything back from companies I’ve seen several times and still them. I’ve experienced a company putting m four weeks then going with another model. What did you learn about yourself thr This is such a hard question because I’m s myself. If I were going to name something myself. It’s so easy to beat-up on yourself i you’re not only dealing with your own beau with what other people’s beauty standards a was too tall, too big, too small, and too dar me. I love all of me, and I accept me. This j myself more. Photography, Stanley Desbas | Styling, Susan Moses