PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2015 Issue - Page 40

ask tara with tara taylor QUESTION: To put it bluntly, this cold weather is killing my skin!!!! I’m lathering up on the moisturizer and it doesn’t seem to be helping enough. What else can I possibly do? 03.15 #plusmodelmag inspiration + style - Sena from Harlem, NY Exfoliation The first step is to exfoliate. Nothing will work without getting rid of the dry top layer ofskin. Milk has been used for hundreds of years to help exfoliate and soften skin. The lactic acid in whole milk works as an exfoliator and the fat moisturizes your skin. 1. Take a washcloth and immerse in a bowl of whole milk (use organic if possible) 2. Wring out washcloth and spread over your face pressing down 3. Leave on for 7-10 minutes 4. Simply wipe away excess milk with cool water