PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE March 2015 Issue - Page 109

comp card with you or the snap shots with your simple makeup. You never know where you will go and whom you will meet. Networking, following websites, blogs and social media will help you with information. 4lttrwrd asks... @plusmodelmag would you advise someone who is serious about becoming a plus size model to move to NYC? I am considering it for better exposure to the industry. I would not advise to move unless you are signed with an agency and they are asking you to move. Developing a modeling career that will bring enough income to live off can take years sometimes, so I would begin planting your seeds in NYC before the move. vijaya_khare asks... Why do plus model agencies ask for height of 5’8” & above? Doesn’t beauty come in all shapes & sizes? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, however brands and designers are using samples when they shoot. Most brands use size 12 or 14 and some designers will use 16 and 18. Height is important when shooting dresses so the hem length falls where they want it to stop, and the same stands true for pants. It’s nothing personal; it’s all based on the garments and sizes they use. hannahjadej asks...I recently moved to New York to pursue plus modeling! Once you’re in the city, what’s the best way to start getting your foot in the door? Since you are already here you might as well give it all you got. Take your snap shots and send them to all the agencies in NYC. Visit any open casting calls and enter model searches, especially those where an agency will be involved. Use your social media and hashtag campaigns to spread your images, sign up for blogs that put information out about what is happening in the plus community and lastly, attend events. Many local plus size models got started by being at the right place at the right time.