PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE December 2015 Holiday issue - Page 156

Ashley is paving the way for curvy women and designers to be included and showcased in a positive way. She is confident in herself and her body and shows it to the world and that is very inspiring to me. What is the plus industry like in your hometown? I’m from Orange County and the plus industry here is almost nonexistent. I work out of LA and there is a plethora of clothing stores, department stores, and print jobs that allow curvy women to be represented. Finish this sentence: The plus industry is… The plus industry is: A thriving industry that’s growing exponentially because there are pioneers fighting for all women to be equal regardless of size, color, or orientation! For example, NYFWPlus in New York opened up doors for curvy designers to showcase their beautiful collections. I’m excited to see the evolution of the plus industry in high fashion! Photography by Paige Craig