PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE December 2015 Holiday issue - Page 148

101 modeling Year-End Modeling ‘How-to’ Recap... I want to be a model, now what? PLUS Model Magazine is happy to provide honest, straight-forward information for aspiring models on a monthly basis. On the outside, modeling looks like a very glamorous job and in some ways, it is. However, modeling is a BUSINESS and one in which you have to commit to in order to succeed. This month we wanted to recap some of the most important topics we covered in 2015. Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Model? [CLICK to VIEW] Can I Still Be a Successful Model Without Being Signed to an Agency? [CLICK to VIEW] What do I look for when choosing a photographer for test shoots? [CLICK to VIEW] Why are there height/size requirements to become a plus model? [CLICK to VIEW] How do I Promote Myself as a Plus Size Model? [CLICK to VIEW] How Often Should I Contact Potential Agencies About Being Signed? [CLICK to VIEW] How Do I Start Approaching Agencies For Representation? [CLICK to VIEW] How Can I Find Out About Castings & Paid Jobs? [CLICK to VIEW]