PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE December 2015 Holiday issue - Page 147

Of course, always being fat myself was the greatest sorrow of all. I was born to never reach the ideal of the beauty I painted, strived for, adored, lived for, including the skinny bony structure. Reading your magazine and following your Facebook posts has greatly helped me realize how wrong I was, how badly I’ve been taught, how badly our culture treats a human body. Seeing your pictures of beautiful, successful, funny, cute, strong women has altered my point of view. It is not normal to have a body shaped as a boy when you’re a woman. Most women aren’t boyish at all. Some are with their qualities, but most women are not hard muscles and bones at all… they’re about curves and strength, to dance and bend and carry and run, and not stand pouting at a clothing rack. It’s been liberating, painful, wonderful and fun to You’ve done it by posting pictures of fat, overweight, curvy and wonderful women… ...again and again and again. Until I realized. They are beauty. So am I. #plusmodelmag So thank you. You’ve made me see. 12.15 child and aspiring artist. inspiration + style realize how much more a female body is than what I learned as a