PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE December 2015 Holiday issue - Page 109

How did you begin your modeling career? Were you discovered? I have to give my mother all the credit. She always pushed me and always has been my biggest cheerleader/fan. I always had big hips and curves. I gained weight and didn’t know if there was a professional route for curvy-figured models. I always loved photography but was not sure if I fit the “model” criteria. I ended up testing with a photographer in Miami and during our shoot, she exclaimed, “Wow! The camera loves you! Who is your agent?” And I told her I didn’t have one. She then mentioned Dorothy Combs Models and the rest is history! You have done an impressive amount of work in just a few years. What do you know NOW about having a modeling career that you wish you knew back then? To live in the moment! Time goes by so fast! Were you always into fashion before you began a modeling career? No! I was a tomboy in my earlier years. I loved playing outdoors, climbing trees, playing in the rain and mud! I started to gain an appreciation for fashion later on in my teen years. I slowly grew into my love of fashion. Now, I totally love it! Many aspiring models are under the misconception that being a model is easy work. What words of advice would you like to offer aspiring models looking to start a career in modeling?