PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue - Page 90

101 modeling with Madeline Jones Kristina asks: Do models have to be bloggers as well in order to increase their visibility with brands? This is the million dollar question these days. The truth is that being a good model is still the primary focus for agencies and brands, but we would be silly not to consider the popularity of bloggers and how brands are working with them. Ecommerce jobs are the bread and butter of a models career and those jobs are still being filled by models. If you are a model with a great sense of style, it would not hurt for you to have a blog or increase your social media statistics. Dana asks: How often can I submit to an agency and should I be using professional images or snap shots? This is a great question! You can submit to an agency every three to four months. All agencies are different, but most agencies are looking for images where they can clearly see your face and your figure. Make sure that if you send snapshots they are well lit, the light should always be facing you and not behind you. Wear minimal makeup and you should wear a tank top and leggings or jeans. If you have professional photos I would let them know you have professional photos that can be seen in a dropbox and send them the link so they are available if they want to see them.