PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue - Page 78

To see how hard you work for so many women, for your family, and for your magazine has completely warmed my heart and inspired me. To think of all of the self love you’ve inspired in others over the years while dealing with your own struggles motivates me to want to do the same. To the rest of the PMM crew, it was such a pleasure and an honor to work with you! Tara, the steady-handed makeup guru who put up with my eyelids twitching, Matt, the new hairstylist who sang for me and re-curled my hair about a thousand times, Tiffany, who danced with me and made me feel at home, Luke, the amazing photographer who had to keep telling me to take my thumbs out, and Steffany, who styles Body Positive fashion by day and sings at the Blue Note by night, that’s amazing! I want to do that! All of you are absolutely wonderful at 9.16 #plusmodelmag inspiration + style what you do and so much fun to work with. It was an absolute privilege. Follow Meara: | Meara