PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue - Page 77

So I lost 70 lbs. I lost the last 30 in a month by allowing myself one salad a day for lunch. I desperately wanted to begin my adult life at 18, thinner and loving myself more. And while I was very thin for my birthday party that month, I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be. In fact, I was still completely depressed. And very, very hungry. Of course I couldn’t maintain this, so for the next several years I was in a constant cycle of binge eating, starving, over exercising, and every single type of diet you can possibly imagine. It’s not until very recently that I began to come out of this cycle. Through lots of self work, education and healing, I’ve managed to start to learn to love my body. After comparing myself to other women and trying to strive for other’s ideals, I’m finally able to focus more on myself. I invest a lot of my time and effort into taking care of my physical and mental health and for the first time in my life, I can finally say I feel beautiful. We had a fabulous time during the photoshoot weekend. What will you remember most from your time with Marla Wynne and team PMM? I will remember the work ethic and big hearts of all of these phenomenal women and men. Marla has had, not one but two, very successful careers. Hearing her story of how she was able to change course and follow her passion after dealing with serious family health struggles and career hardship was something that hits very close to home for me. To be welcomed into her home and to be dressed by her was so amazing...To go from being a Goodwill regular to getting new, elegant clothing picked exactly for me; it was living the dream. Maddy, you are a beautiful saint who inspires so many women and takes us under your wing.