PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE BIG Fall fashion Issue - Page 104

Who do you look to for curvy inspiration? I follow several bloggers and models on social media so it’s hard to narrow it down! Ashley Graham has inspired me from the beginning and watching her as she completely shattered the fashion industry’s standard of beauty has been amazing to see. I love her new swimsuit line and her lingerie line. She never fails to show that sexy has no size limit! What is the plus industry like in your hometown? Growing up, I was lucky enough to travel and meet all kinds of different people. Being from the small town of Deerfield, this is not something that I took for granted. While the plus size industry is not explicitly advertised or promoted in my town I’d like to think that we are able to accept and promote self beauty and all different body types. I was always taught that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and this is something I have carried with me as I have matured and will continue to do in and outside of my hometown. Finish this sentence: The plus industry is... The industry is