PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August Denim Issue - Page 72

They weren’t comfortable wearing swimsuits in public due to fear of being judged by others. Many said if they were with me or had people to go to the beach with, they would wear one. I attempted to do a beach meet-up but it didn’t work. My two best friends then challenged and inspired me to go bigger. That’s when I created the Golden Confidence pool party. I was so nervous that no one would show up. But the turn out was so incredible. Many of the women who attended wore a swimsuit for the first time since they were children. There were also quite a few who came solo and left making friends. This event is really helping women feel good about themselves. The women who attend get super dressed up, with some even make their own swimsuits! They encourage each other to drop the cover up and be free. Women were giving each other compliments and coming out of their shells. I think that’s what makes this event different from others. This isn’t just a party; this is a safe space to be yourself and build your confidence without the fear of being judged. The “thanks” I get mean the absolute world to me. You are one of the most popular bloggers in our industry. How did you get started? I started blogging because I wasn’t getting enough opportunities as a model. I felt it was a way for me to stay relevant in-between jobs. At the time, I was modeling for a lot of indie brands and those jobs were beginning to stop. After much encouragement from my followers and friends. I decided to start blogging about my outfits and sharing my story. Many of the major brands didn’t really care for me when I was just modeling. As a blogger, those brands now reach out to me to work together. It’s been really amazing. I just wanted a way go immerse myself into the industry and blogging made it possible.