PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August Denim Issue - Page 58

Inemesit Etokudo Blog: Instagram & Twitter: @inemesitetokudo Facebook: InemesitEtokudo.PlusBlogger The trends I am loving right now include rich splashes colour and vivid prints incorporated into every day outfit Summer is the perfect season to experiment with colour an bold prints. I am never one to shy away from a bold patte regardless of the season, but the warmth and vibrancy summer opens up an entire world of pattern possibilities! When picking prints, I look to my Nigerian heritage, sidin with bold African-inspired prints and geometric patterns. am also living for the classic A-line silhouette this summe be it in midi skirts or fit and flare dresses. Not only is th A-line shape universall H]\[][Y[ݙ[Y[[[[HH[ۙYHZ[[X[\\H[[[X\ܚY\^H[[Y\]\HXHوXY\[\[[Bܘ\\Y\YHXј][ N[Y] X[ Q\H\ H[[Z[][\[[ H]‚ [XHZYH\ Hܘ\QY[ܙ]XۙYBܛ HXZHYY]H[H\ZYY[“]‚