PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August Denim Issue - Page 123

What is the plus industry like in your hometown? The plus industry is non-existent. When I came back home from working in London & Paris at the top of my game it was like walking back in time to 1997. I lived in this happy little plus bubble in London. I did not like going back to that place of justifying my size and defending my figure, so all my professional work has been in NYC, LA and Paris since I returned to the States. And of course the plus scene in New York is amazing! Finish this sentence: The plus industry is... Growing in leaps and bounds! It’s normalized and has become just like any other part of the fashion industry, which is what I have been fighting for as a diversity advocate for 7 years now. Minds and hearts are changing, it’s beyond exciting to witness and be a small part of. Who are your favorite plus designers, models, bloggers and/or celebrities? J’adore Serita Bell! I modeled for her line a few years ago in NY and her pieces are beautiful. I like indie designers in general. I’m really impressed with the garments coming out of PLY, Yona New York and Universal Standard. They are such high quality, chic designs. I’ve had a massive girl crush on Fluvia Lacerda for a few years now. Her work is smashing. I also adore Krisztina Karvovszki who is doing amazing things in Paris. She and Silvana Denker, another model I love, are doing great work together!