PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August Denim Issue - Page 112

101 modeling with Madeline Jones Felicia Smith Asks: My friends always tell me that I should be a model. However, I don’t know how to get started. Help! The internet is your friend. GOOGLE! Type in ‘plus size modeling’ and you will find a wealth of information about plus size modeling from various sources including PLUS Model Magazine. Visit our blog (, click on the top right corner (drop down menu), click on MODEL and go through [وH[ܛX][ۈH]H\H܈[K\\[^\΂[[H\HH[[ [H]H^HHXYX^O’Y[H\HHYۙY[[ [H[^H]H^H[H\H[[H\HYۙY HX\ۂ\][\Y[H\ۜ[HX\][[HXH[\[XY\ˈY[H\H[H\[[[\\^\[H\HH^H M[H[HH^H L܈ HY[[Z[H\Y܈]XYX^K\HY^H\΂H]HY[Z[HH\^H[[܈H\Hۙ[YKH]HZ[X\\XZ]Y[HY[Y\[Y[]Hۛو\XK[\\[YY][]8&\Y[H[K[H]H\’Hۛ\Y[\Kx&[HܜH][HY[ZH[\Yܝ]HY[Xۚ^Y܂[Y[H[H[[[\Y\ۛ[XYX YK^KZY \Hو[XY\\Y HH[]\^H]H\Y[HY[][H[[[\Y\\\و[\\^K^BY\[ۈ\][H\\]H]\X]KZH][XY\[Z[H\[\\Z[[[\\ۘ[[ۈX[YYXKXZH\HYH\[Y\[B