PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August 2015 Denim Issue - Page 36

PMM [readers] We Love to Hear from You! Tell us what you think of your magazine, what you love, what you like and what you want to see in future issues. xoxo - maddy Jennaka Marcinkowski Lauren Marie Wow!!! What a fantastically REAL photo! Looks naturally gorgeous! Isamar Martinez Lopez Sara Bowling Estamos de moda, duela a quien duela!!!! Is it weird that I’m excited to see stretch marks on #teamplus her? :-) #plusmodelmag ucancallmenads Kiera Biggs 08.15 inspiration + style Gorgeous!! Outstanding Joby Bach Official. Happy Anniversary @plusmodelmag Looks so amazing that they didn’t even Photoshop her stretch marks! I love this!!! monifclarke @plusmodelmag gorgeous cover! Fernando Ferreiro cutemixedchick06 I love this! Her boobies aren’t all-over perfect and April Shari she has stretch marks... beautiful! This is how a Happy Birthday/Anniversary PMM!!!!!!! real women looks, honestly. Share what’s on your mind || ||