PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August 2015 Denim Issue - Page 143

What you should be thinking is this. “I am going to look after myself, I am going to eat right and exercise. Some days I may have a junk food day where I make myself physically ill, but I’m going to enjoy every mouth full until it happens’. he he. “I’m going to go out dancing in that dress I want to wear and I’m going to dance until my legs fall off or my dress splits at the seams, whichever comes first!” So why should we wait to get out there and live our lives the way we want? Do not ever seek permission to live your own life. Do not ever wait for seasons to change to feel good about yourself. Do not ever let anyone make you inferior based on appearances. At the end of the day we all soften, sag and wrinkle. We all end up looking the same except on the inside. Which is where it really counts. Love yourself from the inside. You and your body is your own temple. The only people you need to worship it, is yourself. Follow Casey CLICK