PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August 2015 Denim Issue - Page 110

One day, I received a direct message on Instagram from a teenage girl based in Brazil. She told me that she has always been bigger than all of her friends and all the girls at school and has been struggling a lot with her body image. She thanked me for sharing the photos and sharing myself, and told me that my body reminds her of HER body. THAT moment was everything to me. If the small platform I am allowed is able to reach and inspire even one young girl, I feel like I am doing my job. What advice would you have for aspiring plus size models? I would advise that before you consider modeling, make sure your intentions are in check. If seeking glamour and fame is your thing: it’s probably not a good idea. If you seek creative expression, using your naturally given gifts in an artistic way, and are willing to work really hard, I would say give it a shot. What is your personal fashion aesthetic? curve-hugging-cowboy-gypsie-70’s-socal-skater-chic What do you love to do when you are not modeling? I love to write. I usually have something I’m working on and when I have a day alone, I love to take my laptop to a coffee shop and just write. What is something most people do not know about you? I speak fluent Spanish. The blonde hair and blue eyes really throw people off but it’s kinda nice to have that ace up my sleeve.