PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August 2015 Denim Issue - Page 108

jourdan How long have you been modeling? A couple of years How did you get your start as a model? An agent found me on the street at Union Square, in NYC. I was just going about my business when she asked if I had ever considered modeling. Although I was a bit skeptical, she and I exchanged information and she called me every week for almost 2 months before I could make it in the agency for a meeting. Earlier this year your image went viral on Instagram. Can you tell us about that and what lesson you learned about body image? When I worked with The Glamourai and Annstreetstudio for this editorial, I had no idea exactly how viral it would go. I didn’t even think about where it might go (in terms of getting talked about); I was just happy to be a part of something of such importance. Those images mean so much to me, so to have them publicized as much as they were, was super humbling. Over my life and short time in the industry combined, I’ve learned a lot about body image. Being comfortable in our skin is so much more easily said than done. One of the best moments of my career so far happened a couple of days after this work came out. My inboxes all over social media were flooded with positive feedback from friends and complete strangers alike.