PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE August 2015 Denim Issue - Page 105

We have seen you on the runway and modeling for several brands. How do you feel the plus size fashion industry has changed since you began your career? The plus size fashion industry has changed enormously since the start of my career and I think it’s all for the better. Thanks to social media, we, the plus size community, have been able to share our confidence, our unity, our strength in numbers, our need to look trendy and fashionable and most importantly, our dislikes. All of this has helped change the plus size industry and provide models more opportunities to work with brands/clients that are now catering to the plus size consumer. Also, it allows models an opportunity to rock some cool and fun outfits instead of the potato sacks we used to model in the past. I am so proud of the movement. Now curvy young ladies will never feel like I felt in high school… they now have many curvy models in the media and in magazines that they can relate to. What advice would you have for aspiring plus size models? Like anything in life, you will get what you put in. I tell all aspiring models, “The computer is your friend.” There is nothing you can’t find online and modeling isn’t any different. Research, network and connect with like-minded individuals. You can be born with the looks, body and personality but without hard work and dedication to learn how to navigate within this industry, you will never reach the level you are seeking. Be patience, get ready to spend money (yes, before you make money!) and get ready to invest your time to make your dreams come true. What is your personal fashion aesthetic? It’s changed after having two kids. Now I lean towards the C’s; Casual, Cute and Chic, Comfy, and sometimes Cheap. I always tell my friends, “I want to look cute, but not like I tried to”. I love colors and patterns and I never shy away from showing some skin and curves.