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Tess Munster is a Los Angeles 100,000 times and growing based plus size model, make up daily as a positive, uplifting way artist, blogger, and body image for women around the world to advocate. This year has been unite together against online full of amazing professional bullying and societies unrealistic accomplishments for her, fashion and beauty standards, including being named one of the and freely express their feelings, world’s “Top Plus Size Models” fashion and accomplishments. by Vogue Italia, This year Tess has Huffington Post, and also teamed up with Refinery 29, posing Benefit Cosmetics to for world-renowned be the first blogger to photographer, David create her own “Nice LaChapelle for one Package” makeup kit. of his upcoming Tess’s plans for projects, and 2014 include traveling founding the “Eff Your throughout the US Beauty Standards” and abroad speaking #effyourbeautystandards to women and young girls about body positive movement in confidence, and spreading the the form of a hashtag, which positive body image message for she created after increased women of all shapes and sizes. frustration from cyber bullies and Tess will also be debuting her general negativity surrounding own plus size clothing collection her physical appearance and as a collaboration with Sealed fashion choices. Now, only With A Kiss Designs, available in 9 months after its creation, early 2014, and she is creating the #effyourbeautystandards her own line of “Tess Munster” hashtag has been used over merchandise in the coming year. dec2013