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What are the top 5 things we people who purchase water use should be doing to save the the bottle for 5-10 minutes and environment? discard it to the landfill, where it There are a number of easy, is not recycled. If you fill a water fun ways for all of us to save our bottle to a third of its capacity environment. It all starts with that is how much oil it takes an attitude and a conscience to actually produce the bottle. behavioral change, which in Seems like turn can help to set an example a complete for those around you. My top waste for 5 easiest ways to make a something difference include: we use briefly then 1) Ditch the plastic bags and discard. only use reusable shopping When bags: 380 billion plastic bags are reused and used in the US alone every year, exposed which requires around 12 million to the barrels of oil to produce. Most of elements these bags are never reused and plastic cannot be recycled. Stock up on bottles reusable bags; keep some in your leach car, your handbag or backpack. highly toxic compounds 2) Use a stainless steel into the refillable water bottle: Bottled water that water cost 1500 times the amount is then ingested by humans. that tap water costs and is a huge When the bottles enter the burden on the environment. Most dec2013 oceans they take around