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We all know you as one of Australia’s top plus-size models, but you are also an Environmental Scientist. Can you tell us what this position entails and what prompted you to pursue it? I studied a Bachelor of Science (Biology) and a Bachelor of Law at University in Australia; I am currently studying a Masters of Environmental Management. Growing up in Australia surrounded by national park lands and the ocean, I developed a real passion for being outdoors and experiencing what nature had to offer. During high school I decided that I wanted to be a scientist and while at university I gained a real respect for biological sciences; finding all the fun and nerdy facts right up my alley. Presently I am modeling full-time and I am utilizing my passion and knowledge of science to educate the general public on the benefits of living more sustainably, as well as highlighting the issue of marine debris as a direct result of human consumption and waste. The opportunities presented to me through my modeling career have meant that I can reach a wider audience to share these messages, and hopefully inspire people to make small, conscience changes to their day-to-day lives that benefit the future state of our environment. If I hadn’t pursued modeling I would have taken up a job with the Department of Fisheries in Australia using my science degree to research and develop policies for the oceans and fisheries. Most recently you made waves around the world when you posed for a controversial remake of Max Dupain’s famous photograph ‘The Sunbaker’. Why was this so controversial and what was the message you want everyone to take from it? I was very excited to be a part of the remake of the Max Dupain photo for Greenpeace Australia. Together with the Greenpeace team dec2013