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Miss Plus America Pageant, and many more. where she won the runway Rosie is also an experienced competition and was crowned businesswoman who began her “Miss Nevada Plus America.” career as a make-up artist. She Since then, she has been chosen created Bellisima, a cosmetic as the ‘Face’ of Full Figure collection with a mission to, Fashion Week 2010 and has “Help every woman celebrate been featured on Taboo National herself through self confidence, Geographic, PLUS Model knowledge, and unique beauty.” Magazine and most recently the Most recently, she launched a successful reality show Curvy new fashion collection, FUERZA, Girls on NuVo TV. with, which she Not one to settle for limitations, helped to design. Rosie eschews any skepticism Although Rosie is a well- of her abilities as a model and seasoned artist, her real passion beyond through her eclectic is to circumvent her career background. She is a recognized as a way to give back to her force in the entertainment community by empowering plus- industry as and actress, size women to love and accept co '&W7