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PMM [welcome] PMM WELCOMES Rosie Mercado From Editor-in-chief, Madeline Jones... In preparation for the new year I’ve been looking for women who will be to inspire and connect with our readers. Rosie Mercado is one of those who not only does just that, but walks-the-talk as well! It is my pleasure welcome this beautiful, talented, inspiring woman to the PMM Family. Get to Know Rosie... To label Rosie Mercado simply as a plus-size Latina model is understatement… not only is she a celebrity make-up artist, actress, rad personality, host, community philanthropist, businesswoman and a singl mother of three, she is also today’s antithesis to models half her size an model for plus-size women all over the globe. Born in the heart of Southern California but cultured in Las Vegas, Ro spent years overcoming weight struggles. Her big break came in 2009 a dec2013