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PMM [living] by Madeline Jones Emme Aronson is most well known for being a supermodel and making the world acknowledge the plus-size industry. Nowadays Emme continues her mission for wellness and is launching the first EmmeCruise as part of an Adventure Series. If you are overwhelmed, overworked or maybe just need to re-charge, this may be just what you need. I took some time to catch up with Emme to learn more about this event. The EmmeCruise sounds absolutely fabulous. Let’s talk about why you decided to put this empowering event together. I, along with the Pollin Group, created the EmmeCruise, as the first EmmeNation Adventure Series offering. EmmeCruise is designed to swoop us up out of our typical day-to-day life, to experience 7 nights of peace, rest, movement and fun. To give us the exclusive opportunity to meet a few of my mentors – an extraordinary collection of expansive thinkers, true revolutionary shape shifters, and to experience body+mind+soul exercises to calm and add perspective into our busy lives. dec2013