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I started to cry while trying them on bec were doing to my body. While the shape creating another! Things were rolling up mission was. What makes HookedUp Shapewear s We have seamless finishing on all of th soft as silk. Our shape wear customizes in your closet. The line on the thigh is a advanced technology on our mid-thigh p on your thigh you can give it a little gen shape of your leg. We offer sizes small I think it’s unfair to do that to plus size w strap or smaller, you can wear our prod hooks so you can use our products with VIEW VIDEOS] There are women that are anxious an wear. What is your advice? I think if you are anxious about it it’s be experiences of wearing it, like the rollin Here’s the biggest misconception, “It’s u true. Shape wear is only uncomfortable your skin. If the shape wear is performi comfortable as can be and will still fit tig One of the biggest complaints from o down. How did you fix this problem? If shape wear is rolling down then it’s n dec2013