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PMM [style] Revolutionizing Shape Wear An Interview with HookedUp Shapewear’s Founder Tara Cavosie by Madeline Jones It’s no secret that many women wear shape wear, but how many of them are 100% happy with it? We sat down with Tara Cavosie, who has been designing intimate apparel for 15 years. Her new shape wear line addresses the issues we all complain about and guess what? We don’t have to pay more for plus-sizes.  Hookedup Shapewear,, is revolutionizing the shape wear industry! Tell me a little about HookedUp Shapewear and why you decided to create your own line? I’m a 15 year veteran of the intimate apparel industry, I’ve been designing intimates for a long time and licensing my designs to other companies. I was on my way to a wedding and needed to buy a dress. I found a dress that was very nice and it was a bit form fitting and I knew I needed shape wear. Even though I was designing intimates I had never worn it before. I went to my local department store and bought various styles and went home to try it on. At home dec2013