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PMM [executive fashion director] Reah Norman plus size industry, and we have literally seen plus size fashion come out of its shell. As more and more designers and retailers are creating gorgeous fashion that we are proud to wear, and as we continue to gain fashion inspiration from magazines, art, and other plus size fashionistas, we Glitz, Glamour, Sparkle, Shine as plus size consumers are opening our wallets, supporting the brands, and taking more and W hat an amazing year more fashion chances 2013 has been for with our own personal plus size fashion! It style. It truly is a beautiful is so thrilling for the industry to be thing, and the sky is the at a place of growth, success and limit as we move into celebration. This year we have 2014. continued to see more and more In this month’s issue of plus size fashion, models, celebrities PMM, we are celebrating and personalities coming on to this fabulous year with the scene, and being more widely glitz, glamour, sparkle accepted in mainstream media. and shine, and gearing It truly is an amazing time for the up for a whirlwind of dec2013